WeekPlan Roundtable

Welcome to the first Folyo design roundtable, where we’ll examine WeekPlan, an online weekly planner.

The way this works is pretty simple: just try out the app, and then leave your comments here to explain how you’d improve the usability, the design, or anything else really.

Leaving a simple text comment is fine, you don’t necessarily have to mock up something. But obviously if you have the time to do it it will add a lot to the discussion.

You can also reply to other people’s comments, and WeekPlan founder Aymeric Gaurat will also be joining us to give his reactions to your feedback.

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Let’s get this started!

  • http://aymeric.gaurat.net Aymeric

    I am the developer behind WEEK PLAN.

    Thanks for participating to this round table guys!

    I am preparing to launch a paid plan soon and it made me realize I never really spend time on branding so this round table will be very timely.

    Here are some background information to help start the discussion:

    People who have read the book “7 habits of highly effective people”, usually a mix of team leads, managers, executives and students.

    With the coming of the paid plan, I would like to focus the branding on the team leads / managers / executives.

    Elegance, Growth, Wisdom.

    - Some people have complained that Saturday and Sunday are too small
    - A lot of actions rely on mouse hover, which is incompatible with iPad.
    - The Vision page is not well integrated with the Planner, the Planner is not well integrated with the Journal

    I think using the analogy of a paper planner would work well. Planners make people look elegant and people understand how they work (pages / bookmarks to pages).

    So WEEK PLAN could be an opened notebook, like the design of the folyo blog.

    Anyway, I am eagerly waiting for your critique and suggestions.


  • http://www.sachagreif.com/ Sacha Greif

    Although there’s a lot to be said about the homepage, I’ll focus on the user interface since that’s my specialty as a designer.

    First of all the idea of showing the whole week at a time is really good, because this way the app doesn’t come across as “yet another to-do list app”.

    But I think that aspect could be accentuated more. For example, maybe use leather or paper textures to recall an actual notebook.

    The other thing I noticed is the lack of structure. Minimalism is good, but it might be taken a little too far here, and I think the UI would look cleaner and clearer with a couple lines or boxes to separate each day.

    • http://aymeric.gaurat.net Aymeric

      Hi Sacha, thanks for reviewing WEEK PLAN.

      1. Leather texture. Yes, maybe I don’t need a full blown notebook like interface but just some elements of it, like some classy handwritten font and some leathery texture here and there.

      2. Great point. Maybe a slightly darker background around the lists (instead of white) would make the white lists stand out more.

  • http://twitter.com/tank6b Jose E. G. Modecir

    Like the concept.

    First if you are targeting the corporate user. Consider getting out the “Satisfy” font and orange color. Adopt a more serious tone, select a sober and serious color scheme, this may be a starting point http://www.colourlovers.com/palettes/search?query=corporate

    You could make the top bar a little bigger and something like gray.

    Get a decent logo or at least use a good looking font for it.

    Love that it is a fluid design, but on this case looking at it on a widescreen monitor with the browser maximized… It looks not good. That’s will be the setup of 70%+ of your users.

    Maybe make the input lines bellow the names of the week with more contrast. They are almost invisible to the first time user. A icon may also help here.

    Also, make the week number more prominent. And lable properly the links

    Add a check-box to the left of every unfinished task, the action of “marking check” a task is a real world action you can easily replicate here. More white space between the tasks will be nice.

    Use a proper “drag me” icon for the tasks.

    Indeed on roll over is annoying on a tablet :(

    More white space between days will help a lot.

    Paper-like skeuomorphism may help, or make your work a hard to code UI. You have to try it, not a fan thought.

    All in all is a cool concept, you need to invest on the UX a little more.

    I hope my comments help.

    Good luck with it!

    Jose E.

    • http://aymeric.gaurat.net Aymeric

      Hi Jose,

      Sorry for the late reply, I had subscribed to the disqus thread and was expecting to receive an email when a new comment would be added, but I didn’t receive any notification.

      Thank you, this is a very complete review.

      Thanks for the colourlovers link. Funnily enough, the second result is very close to weekplan’s color scheme already (black + blue + orange + light blue + white). I will try to use the colors suggested on colourlovers.

      > You could make the top bar a little bigger and something like gray.

      Is that to make the website look more corporate?

      > Get a decent logo or at least use a good looking font for it.

      I am thinking picking a handwritten font for the logo, to remind of a paper planner. I am considering Dakota: http://www.ffonts.net/Dakota-Regular.font

      > looking at it on a widescreen monitor with the browser maximized… It looks not good.

      What makes it not look good on big screens?

      The rest of your suggestions are useful, thank you!