Folyo’s mission is to help connect companies with the best freelance designers throughout the world. This means we want to keep the quality of designers on the site as high as we can.

And sadly, this in turns means we end up rejecting a majority (about 70%) of applicants.

So if you’ve applied but didn’t make it, first of all thanks a lot! This means that you found Folyo worth signing up for, and that’s very motivating for us. So we feel bad that we weren’t able to approve your profile.

We know it’s a frustrating situation, but maybe something good can come out of it. Here are a few reasons that might help explain why we didn’t approve your application this time.

No Portfolio

If you only sent us a link to your blog, LinkedIn profile, or even Dribbble account, then we don’t really have a way to properly judge your skills. So please apply again once you have a place to showcase your work.

Impractical Portfolio

We sometimes receive applications with PDF portfolios or other impractical formats. While we can take the time to download your 40 MB PDF file and look through your work, that might not be the case for clients reviewing your profile.

For that reason, we give priority to applicants who apply with a portfolio that’s viewable online.

Inconsistent Work

Some of the portfolios we see have great work mixed in with, shall we say, less than great work. This hurts your chances, because we can’t be sure which of the two really represents you.

Better to apply with 3 or 4 high quality pieces than pad your portfolio with crappy work.

Not Enough Experience

Some portfolios clearly display a lot of creativity, but you can see that the designer is still a little green. We all think we need to be different when starting out, and we often end up reinventing the wheel for the worse.

After a few more projects, your style will become more polished and your experience will shine through. So just keep at it and apply again in a couple months!

Not Enough Client Work

Some designers have great icons or typographic pieces, but no actual client work. To be accepted, you have to demonstrate that you can do well working for other people, not just on your own ideas.

Not Enough Creativity

A lot of portfolios are technically good, but don’t bring anything special to the table. Copying standard corporate layouts might please clients, but it won’t get you into Folyo. Apply again once you can show some more personal work.

I’m A Great Designer! You Suck!

If you feel like none of these apply to you, we’re sorry. To be fair, there is also a measure of personal taste involved in our selection, although we try give everybody a fair chance.

In any case, we hope this helped at least a little. If you keep improving, we’re sure you will get in sooner or later!

Note: Even after being rejected, you can keep your account. This way you won’t need to enter your info again if you want to re-apply.