Folyo Quiz: How Good is Your Portfolio?

As a freelance designer, your portfolio can be a great asset in convincing new clients to get in touch with you. And if it’s not, maybe it’s time to think about what you could do better?

So take this quick survey and see what you’re doing right, what mistakes you’re making, and find out how your portfolio stacks up!

How Good is Your Portfolio?


1. How do you display your work?

2. Do you have a Dribbble account, and do you use it in addition or instead of your regular portfolio?

3. How do you curate your portfolio?

4. What is the proportion of client to non-client work (student work, unsolicited redesigns, personal projects, etc.) in your portfolio?

5. Do you provide context with your work?

6. Is your portfolio focused? How do you organize it?

7. For digital work, what kind of screenshots do you provide?

8. How easy is it to contact you?

9. Is your site mobile-ready?

10. If you're using a CMS or blog engine, what kind of layout do you use to showcase your projects?

All done! Submit your answers to see how you did.

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