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A Real-world Survey of “Mobile First”


The web in undergoing a revolution, and the future is going to be mobile. Disruption, smartphones, native vs HTML5… yeah, we know, welcome to 2009!

By now, the mobile web has been so thoroughly written about by pundits that it’s hard to think of something original to say about it.

Similarly, the technical side of thing is also well-covered: you’ll find guides on how to make pretty much anything responsive and mobile-friendly, even email newsletters.

But although there’s no lack of editorials or tutorials on the subject, this still doesn’t tell us what people are actually doing. Read More…

Design Roundtable: WeekPlan


I’m introducing a new feature to the Folyo blog: design roundtables. In each installment, a couple designers from the Folyo community will take a look at a product and discuss ways of improving its design. 

WeekPlan is a weekly planner app. Unlike other to-do list apps, it uses a calendar view to present a whole week at a time, and follows the organizational princples outlined in the famous “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” self-help book. Read More…

Dribbbolympics: Which Country has the Best Designers?


Ever wondered which country has the best designers? Well I did, and I decided to find out with the help of Dribbble’s designers directory.

DISCLAIMER: please don’t take this too seriously (especially if your country lost!). I realize very well that there’s no such thing as “the best designers”, and even if there was Dribbble stats would probably not be the only way to judge the matter.  Read More…

“How much does a website cost?” and other pricing questions


If there’s one thing nobody seems to want to talk about, it’s pricing. Most designers don’t publish their rates, and good luck getting a company to tell you how much they paid for their site.

The results of this situation is that it can be pretty hard to know how much to spent on design. Spend too much, and you’ll be accused of wasting money like those $300,000 logos you read about. Spent too little, and you risk ending up with a crappy “designed by my 14 year old nephew” website. Read More…

Is Folyo for me?

Maybe you’re not sure about submitting a job offer. If you’re wondering about what to say or how much to offer, here are some quick guidelines.

Posting on Folyo costs $100. If that seems expensive, keep in mind that most design job boards traditionally charge $200+. And unlike those job boards, with Folyo you know that:

  1. Designers will receive your offer in their inbox
  2. You’re guaranteed to find a designer (or else you’re refunded) Read More…