You’re Not A Pig: How To Avoid Commoditization, With Brennan Dunn (1/2)

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If I told you that for only $49 I could show you how to double your rates, you would probably call me crazy (or think I was trying to scam you out of $49). And even assuming it was somehow possible to double your rates, why would you need to someone to tell you how to do it?

That was pretty much my mindset when I first found out about Brennan Dunn’s book. I was pretty sure whatever advice was in there didn’t apply to me. Read More…

The Startup’s Guide to Budget Design

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A recent Hacker News thread pointed out that Stack Overflow used 99Designs to crowdsource their logo. As usual when somebody mentions 99Designs, this prompted a lively debate on the evils of spec work.

But setting morals and ethics aside for a moment, you can’t ignore the appeal of 99Designs’ promise of cheap, good-enough design. So I thought it would be interesting to explore the different options out there when it comes to design that doesn’t break the bank. Read More…

GroupTalent’s Andrew Kinzer on Finding, Picking and Hiring Designers


Folyo is by no means the only company that helps you find a designer. On the low end, 99designs has conquered the “get it done for cheap” market.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for higher quality work, Scoutzie is targeting the same market as Folyo and seems to be doing well too.

But keep climbing up and increasing project scopes and budgets, and you’ll find GroupTalent.

Read More…

Can Clients Trust You?

I recently recorded an extremely interesting interview with Brennan Dunn, the author of Double Your Freelancing Rate.

Now don’t let the title fool you. The book is not about miracle remedies, and all about rethinking the way you envision your freelancing career and yourself. Anyway, you’ll learn more about all this when the interview is published.

That being said, one thing we talked about seems so important to me that I didn’t want to wait any longer to tell you about it. Read More…

UX vs UI: What Type of Designer Should You Be Hiring?

Whenever the topic of hiring a designer is being discussed, the distinction between user experience design and graphic design is sure to come up.

Someone will typically point out that while most companies think of a “designer” as someone that makes things pretty (i.e. graphic design), the real value of design lies in improving how things work and creating a better user experience. Read More…

Case Study: ReelSurfer


Folyo case studies examine the design process behind collaborations between startups and Folyo designers, and are a great way to learn from real-world examples.

Folyo helps startups find great freelance designers, and one such startup is ReelSurfer.

Out of the YCombinator startup incubator, ReelSurfer recently launched after working on their design with Jonathan Patterson. I asked both Jonathan and Neil Joglekar from ReelSurfer a couple questions to find out more about the design process. Read More…

Case Study: Perch Redesign


Folyo case studies examine the design process behind collaborations between startups and Folyo designers, and are a great way to learn from real-world examples.

Ordinarily, design case studies are written by designers. But since Folyo’s mission is to help connect startups with great designers, this creates an opportunity to look at the design process from both sides of the table.

So for this first case study, I picked the recent Perch redesign. Rachel & Drew from Perch posted their project description on Folyo last April, and they quickly got 21 replies from interested designers. Read More…